public final class Sys

Sys represents a system in an application and contains one system module, which is described by a module descriptor. The descriptor location and the system module class will be looked up from a module group descriptor which is located by the following logic:

  1. Search for the Sys properties ( in the classpaths of the classloader used to load the Sys class.
  2. If the properties was not found, use the Java System Properties.
  3. Look for a property ‘’ for the system module group descriptor location.
  4. If the property is not found, the location will be default to ‘hk/hku/cecid/piazza/commons/conf/sys.module-group.xml’
Author:Hugo Y. K. Lam

See also: hk.hku.cecid.piazza.commons.module.Module, hk.hku.cecid.piazza.commons.module.ModuleGroup



public static final SystemModule main

The main system module.



public static ModuleGroup getModuleGroup()

Gets the system module group.

Returns:the system module group.